How to get the Plasma Cutter in Fallout 76

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Steel Dawn, the latest expansion for Fallout 76, has added a bunch of new content. The patch added many new missions to explore, as well as weapons and gear. And while it might not look like much, the Plasma Cutter is one of the more interesting ones. Added along with devastating kit like the Hellstorm Rocket Launcher, the Plasma Cutter in Fallout 76 has its own uses. Players will want to get this weapon, as it has some very powerful upgrades.

As the Plasma Cutter is capable of dealing physical and energy damage, it is already pretty strong. It can also be augmented with elemental damage types like Cryo. This combination makes it a rather interesting tool to have in your arsenal. With that in mind, here’s how to get the Plasma Cutter.

Unlock the Plasma Cutter

You need to interact with the new Brotherhood of Steel questline in Steel Dawn, as should be expected. The missions are pretty easy, once you have some good gear to deal with the new enemies. the Best Defense mission that’s part of this storyline, is your goal. Completing this mision will give you a standard version of the Plasma Cutter you can then upgrade.

Obtaining the plans

Like the other weapons from the DLC, the Plasma Cutter can also be crafted. You can also learn the plan to enable better drops. These Legendary variants are much better than the basic one you get from the mission. You can get Legendary drops from Public Events and Daily Ops, and these are the best repeatable source when target-farming. You could also visit Purveyor Murmrgh at the Rusty Pick and check out what he has for you.

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Purveyor Murmrgh sells randomly selected legendary items in exchange for legendary scrip. To get this scrip one must go to a legendary exchange machine and turn in legendary weapons or armor for scrip. So that means you should farm the daily events to get Scrip, and then trade that in to try and get armor or weapons you want, like the Plasma Cutter.

Farming rare drops can also be improved by getting higher ranks. Finishing a Daily Op with the ranking of either Initiate or Paladin will get you a 5% or 10% chance at getting a rare item drop, respectively. You can maximize the drop rate by getting Elder rankings, but that takes some serious effort.

Once you have the main weapon, you can buy blade augments from Reg for Gold Bullion. There are three types: Flame, Shock and Cryo, each one will cost 200 Gold.

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