How to play co-op in Journey to the Savage Planet

Journey To The Savage Planet

The newest strange sci-fi adventure, Journey to the Savage Planet, is here. In this new game, you find yourself in a brand new world as a new member of the Pioneer Program. But because you’re stuck with one of the worst colonization efforts known to man, you’re going to need some help if you want to survive. Lucky for you that friends can tag along in this game.

First off, there is no local multiplayer available in Journey to the Savage Planet. If you want to have a co-op experience, both you and a friend need each have a copy of the game on their own to play together. Once you’re both in the game, one person needs to host the game in the Cooperative option from the game’s main menu.

The person hosting the game is where all of the save and progress information is stored locally, so keep that in mind. You can drop in and out at anytime, but keep a few things in mind. Anytime you want to play in the same game, the host also needs to spool up their copy and host the game with the relevant save data.

You don’t have to stick next to your co-op partner, either. The two of you can explore the planet separately though, making the game a pretty open prospect.

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