How to light all your ship’s lanterns with blue and white flames of Fate in Sea of Thieves

How to light all your ship’s lanterns with blue and white Flames of Fate in Sea of Thieves Fate of the Damned

The Fate of the Damned event is live in Sea of Thieves, bringing with it a bunch of new challenges and mini-quests. These new challenges all center around the realm of the dead, as is implied by the name of the event. There’s a lot of focus on the Ferry of the Damned and the flames at its center mast. You need to interact with that in a kind of funny way to complete some challenges.

You need to use this task to complete the A Shining Example challenge for a special reward. To do this you first need to get the two colored flames. You just need to die in a certain way to alter the color of the flame. The flame you’re after is in the sconce in the middle of the Ferry of the Damned. just die in the ways listed below then approach the sconce in the middle and grab the flame.

Collecting the Blue Flame of Fate

You will find it much easier to get a blue flame compared to the other one. In order to get this flame, you need to die to a shark. This means you’re going into the drink for a swim. When you get killed by a shark, check the Well of Fates for the colored flame. The size of the shark does not matter, you can die to either a regular shark or the mighty chomp of a Megalodon and still get the blue flame. Shark attacks are random but usually occur after you get stuck in the water for a few minutes. just hop off your boat and go for a swim to get this flame.

Collecting the White Flame of Fate

The White flame is much harder to get, as you need to die to a lightning strike. To be struck by lighting, you must sail your boat right into the heart of a storm on the seas. The next step is to stand out on the upper deck of the ship holding a metal object like a shovel. When you do this, you will start to see lightning strikes around your boat. You have to also get kind of lucky and get killed by the strike, which doesn’t always happen.

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To make sure you get taken out by the initial strike, you want to reduce your initial health in some way, either by poisoning or combat. Reduce your health and then sail into the storm to get taken out. If you don’t get taken out by the strike, you will be lit on fire. The bad thing about this is that it results in a red flame not a white one.

Once you get the Blue and White Flame, it’s time to head back to your ship.

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