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Overwatch reveals new holiday video, and it’s so sweet

Overwatch Cookiewatch Trailer

Have you ever described Reaper from Overwatch as adorable? Well now you can get away with that due to the recently released holiday video from Blizzard. Take a look at Cookiewatch.

After watching this particular holiday-themed treat, you’re sure to be filled with joy because it’s so sweet. The stop-motion trailer showcasing Reaper, the edgiest of the Overwatch edgelords, joined by the ever-bubbly Tracer in a quest for cookies. Yes, it’s as cheesy as that sounds. And we love it nonetheless.

If you’re not in the Christmas mood after watching that, maybe some new themed in-game events can help with that grumpy mood. The Winter Wonderland 2018 events are still going on, featuring a ton of themed skins, emotes and other rewards. There’s also a few new gameplay modes like Yeti Hunter  and Mei’s Snowball Offensive to have some chilly fun in. And if you need more of this campy stop-motion goodness, check out the Overwatch anniversary video done in the same style. Both that and this newest trailer are down below.

Overwatch has been growing stupendously since its launch in 2016. It’s grown into a titanic fixture of the games industry, driving its own high-octane esports league. The second season of said Overwatch League is due to begin in 2019 with 20 major teams taking part in a global battle for digital dominance.

Overwatch is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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