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Here’s how much storage you get on Xbox Series X and S

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The Xbox Series X and S are coming soon. The Xbox Series X and S are two very different consoles. And players can expect a lot to change in the new generation later this month. The new consoles will have a pretty sparse 1 TB and 500 GB SSD respectively. The operating systems and basic system files will be taking up a fair portion of each drive as well. Let’s talk about how much storage you get on Xbox Series X and S.

How much storage does the Xbox Series X have?

A month ago it was revealed that the console with the more graphical power would have a fair amount of storage. Various previews from a bunch of outlets brought a somewhat startling fact to the surface. The new console only has a sliver of its full SSD able to be used by players. The Xbox Series X has about 800 GB available for games and other data. The Xbox Series X SSD features only 802 GB of usable space.

The PlayStation 5 will face a similar issue, with its SSD coming in at only 825GB. It looks like more and more console generations will have storage issues as time goes on. Hopefully, this isn’t a thing much longer.

At the very least, at least load times are much better this time around. The new console has lightning-fast load times compared to the Xbox One X.

The console has an expansion slot that allows you to plug in a Seagate SSD that can be purchased. The 1 TB SSD costs around $200, so if you really want to be ripped off for storage it’s a deal for you. If you want to wait for cheaper storage, there’s a good alternative for going for something like a USB

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How much storage does the Xbox Series S have?

By comparison the  Xbox Series S reserves around 148GB to the operating system and other files. Gamers can expect to see around 364 GB free for games, saves and other data. This is pretty bad news as the console lacks a Blu-ray drive, since it’s nothing but a digital console. Gamers will need to really carefully manage their data on the new console.

The cheaper lower-spec console has a few saving graces though. The SSD could be able to store a bit more data than expected as the Xbox Series S runs games at a maximum resolution of 1440p. This means full 4K HD textures won’t need to be loaded on the SSD or RAM while you’re playing. This should at least help with loading times as well.

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