Destiny 2 Lubrae’s Ruin God Roll Guide

Destiny 2 Lubrae’s Ruin God Roll Guide

Destiny 2 has added a literal ton of new items and mechanics in its latest expansion. Bungie fans are salivating over all of the new exotics that just dropped. The new weapon crafting system in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen is a huge addition to the game. Gathering and using resources to make the weapons and gear you want is a huge uplift in the quality of life for the game And with the massive trove of new items, there’s a lot to figure out with the new content. Of the many new weapons, there’s even some melee-focused options in the mix. Lubrae’s Ruin is that new weapon, and it’s a choice pick if you can get it.

How to get Lubrae’s Ruin

Lubrae’s Ruin is a Raid exclusive weapon that only drops from Vow of the Disciple. You will have to fight your way through the entire raid, as it’s an exclusive drop from Rhulk. This means that it will be hard to get, as most players won’t get that far into the Raid this early in the season.

Compared to Destiny 2‘s only other legendary glaive, Lubrae’s Ruin can roll with special glaive exclusive traits that its competition, the legendary ‘Enigma’ glaive, cannot. The Lubrae’s Ruin God Roll is actually very flexible. This weapon can work pretty well in many different game modes. The Souldrinker origin trait is pretty useful in any mode, provided you can get enough hits off with the weapon. That’s why you want to put some focus on range buffs. You can also opt for a more defensive playstyle in PvP if you wish by relying on Unstoppable Force for a bit of extra DPS with other weapons.

In PvE, Lubrae’s Ruin is arguably the best glaive available to players aside from the Void-modded Risen Enigma. The Enigma just has many more options to work with thanks to those mods. Once the void mods exclusive to the Risen artifact are gone, Lubrae’s Ruin will quickly become the go-to glaive for most players in PvE. Players will want to rush to grab the mod combo that works for them while they can, as Bungie is sure to mess with things in future updates. The focus in PvE on getting damage on bosses should be key, but you have a few options to get to the best possible stats.

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Lubrae’s Ruin PvE God Roll

  • Auxiliary Reserves
  • Light Mag or Alloy Mag
  • Slight of Hand or Grave Robber
  • Vorpal Weapon
  • Reload Speed
  • Boss Spec

Lubrae’s Ruin PvP God Roll

  • Auxiliary Reserves or Ballistic Tuning
  • Light Mag or Swap Mag
  • Killing Wind or Steady Hands
  • Surrounded or Unstoppable Force
  • Range Mod
  • Icarus
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