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State of Decay 2 will have cross-platform, but no microtransactions

State of Decay 2

Undead Labs has made even more fans happy after their announcement of State of Decay 2. This time, the devs stated that the game would not feature any microtransactions built into it.  This confirmation came about as a result of fans consistently pestering the livestreams Undead Labs put out on Twitch with questions about the monetization models of State of Decay 2.

With this question in mind, one of the Undead Labs community managers noted in the State of Decay 2 Discord channel firmly that the game has no plans of implementing paid microtransactions:

It will be interesting to see what plans Undead Labs have for the future of their game. We’ll definitely see multiple expansions for State of Decay 2, if the previous game is any indication. Hopefully they’ll be reasonably priced just like to base game so as to appeal to more buyers.

State of Decay 2 is slowly build some hype prior to launch. Earlier this week it was revealed the game would be coming out in a little over two months. We also found out that those grabbing the new Xbox Game Pass will have access to State of Decay 2 on day one. Undead Labs have also announced that cross-platform play is a goal for the game.

There are still some lingering concerns in the community around things like the region-locking of keys that fans want answered. Let’s hope that Undead Labs follows the trend they’ve set and continues being open about their plans.

State of Decay 2 comes to PC and Xbox One on May 22, 2018.

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