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How seasons work in Pokémon Go Beyond

Pokémon Go Beyond Seasons

Pokémon Go Beyond is the name of the new update head to the Niantic-developed mobile hit in 2021. The biggest change is that the update raises the game’s level cap from 40 to 50, giving Trainers a new thing to chase in their climb to be the very best. And that’s not all, a new crop of monsters is headed to the game as well.

And with these 10 new levels and expanded roster, comes something else. Those still trying to become the very best are getting a whole load of new seasonal events and other challenges in 2021 along with the new Pokémon Go Beyond content. The new seasonal focus on content will work as a patch cycle of sorts, with each iteration adding new layers. Here’s how the Pokémon Go Beyond Seasons will work.

Each Season will change it up

Every time a new season drops in the new Pokémon Go Beyond update, there will be a bunch of new additions. Players can expect more monsters to be added to the already huge roster with each patch. The focus here is on getting more content into the mobile game sooner, at least that’s what Niantic is aiming for it looks like.

As the first season drops this December, expect a lot of wintery fun to be had. All of the seasons will coincide with real-world weather and climate, so expect seasonal cosmetics and other things as well to become part of the fun. Aside from that, gamers can also expect balance changes and Raid rotations as well. Gameplay will get more varied and complex as time goes on.

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Mega Pokémon changing as well

The powerful Mega Pokémon are also getting more attention, starting with balance changes in each season. Each time a new season drops, the spawns of Mega and Raids will alter to match the season. So Ice-types could be more prevalent in Winter, while Fire-types are more common in Summer. more Mega Pokémon are going to be brought in as well, as the roster grows.

Raid and PvP alterations too

And because the goal is to make the game more engaging for everyone, Niantic is working a bundle of reworks into the top-end PvE and PvP content in the game too. The most noteworthy alteration is that the PvP Battle League will now have 24 Ranks rather than the previous 10. Niantic is rolling all these previous changes into the game to shake up the meta. And they’re doing it all while adding in more competitions and rewards into the PvP scene.

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