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Street Fighter V: Champion Edition announced Seth, Gill is coming

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition announced, Gill coming soon

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition has helped bring back many a fighting game fan back into the fray. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition has just about anything fighting game fans could want from Capcom. Not only are around 40 characters are coming to the fighting ring, but Capcom is also bringing in tons of costumes and other cosmetic options to tweak the fighters in a variety of ways. The developers recently revealed one of the new entrants into the SFV roster with Gill, who is coming out today for the base game.

During the Capcom Cup this month, fans got even more good news with the reveal of another returning character. That new character is Seth, a mutated super villain. But aside from having their own powerful suite of moves, Seth brings something new to the table. The fighter being added in a future update can even copy the moves of other combatants.

Seth, the “King of Chaos” that originated in Street Fighter IV and quickly made a name for himself. The chaotic fighter can swap in movesets, and even their appearance entirely, at the drop of a hat.

Seth will be available along with the Champion Edition on February 14. Next year is going to be nuts for Capcom. The Monster Hunter World expansion drops on PC in January. And with this new variant of their mainline fighting game franchise, the scene around both titles is about to explode in popularity.

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A free update will also be coming to the base game today, and it will be free for everyone. According to Capcom, these “open up a variety of new strategies” to the game. The patch also includes some balance tweaks that include “general game improvements” and “character-specific updates.”

When released, Champion Edition will go for $29.99 as a digital purchase. Those that already have Street Fighter V can buy the Upgrade Pack for $24.99. The items will also be available for digital purchase, either with real money or in-game Fight Money.

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