How to start the Jungle Awakens DLC for Minecraft Dungeons

How to start the Jungle Awakens DLC for Minecraft Dungeons

Jungle Awakens is now available for Minecraft Dungeons. If you bought into the DLC when the Hero version of the game, you get in first. If you aren’t in that club, the only way to get the DLC is to buy the DLC separately. The Jungle Awakens DLC adds a new jungle biome and a bunch of other stuff. Folks are getting new mobs to fight, loot to collect and other stuff to have fun with.

To get into the Jungle Awakens DLC, you need to start from your camp just like any other adventure. Go to the map table, and it will open up the map that shows the different regions in the game. The new DLC zone is called Island Realms. Head there to get into the adventure, but first you actually have to get there.

Once the main overworld map, loads in, scroll down to look for the icon that says Island Realms on it. Once you click on the Island Realms, you will load into the Creeping Winter area first, you need to scroll to the left to see the island biome you’re looking for. It’s marked as Jungle Awakens, so keep that in mind. Click the Jungle Awakens icon to jump into the DLC.

Going here will bring you into the Dingy Jungle area. Here’s where your first quest of the DLC begins. From there you can adventure as you like.

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When you’re ready to return to base, it’s simple, just open up the map and select the overland map, then click where you want to go.

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