How to become a vampire in BitLife

How to complete the Vampire Challenge in BitLife

BitLife sure has a lot of weird goals in it. You might one day find yourself a mobbed-up movie star, another time, you’re going to have to deal with the supernatural. And there are even some players who want to join the ranks of the undead. There’s no consistent way to take on a vampiric form in the game. You can mimic it though, as you can complete in vampire-themed challenges.

Right now, there’s only one way to do this. You need to complete the Vampire Challenge. This won’t turn you into a vampire, it’s a more thematic event. You basically need to imitate the legendary Dracula, and somewhat, Vlad the Impaler, which the myth is loosely based on. Here are the steps you need to complete.

  • Live in or emigrate to Romania
  • Live to the age of 100
  • Own a 100+-year-old haunted house
  • Bite 3 people
  • Impale 3 people

Being born in Romania can help speed this all up. You could use the Bitizen upgrades and God Mode to force it. Or, you could just hope for good RNG. It’s very easy to immigrate as well, so that’s an option.

Getting to 100 years old takes some doing as well. You need to keep your stats as high as you can. This means constantly going to the gym and reading. You should also visit the doctors to check for any possible diseases you may have missed. Keeping on top of your health with a diet might help as well.

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To buy a haunted house in BitLifeyou need to examine any of the available homes and find one marked as haunted. Click the Assets tab and then the Go Shopping button at the bottom. Look at the real estate brokers and find a house that’s marked as haunted. Buy one that’s in good shape, that’s to say the Condition is relatively high. You can really just buy an older home early in life and hold onto it.

Biting and impaling people is a bit harder to do without causing too much trouble for yourself. But really, once you have all that money and the spooky house, the rest is easy. Biting is a random event you get during fights. So you have to brawl people to get it. The impaling option is found as a choice when choosing how to murder someone.

Again, while you won’t become a true vampire in BitLife, it’s still a lot of fun. And you don’t have to worry about that pesky sunlight.

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