Loot the Universe locations for Promethea in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 announces Broken Hearts Day

The Loot the Universe mode in Borderlands 3 is a new game mode added with the recent update that includes a unique mechanic that is perfect for farming rare loot. The new mode changes the loot table on one planet at a time, with the current week being focused on the planet of Promethea. Players looking for farm certain Legendary loot should head to a certain area on the map and start dropping enemies. There is a much-increased chance of dropping rare loot of certain types within each zone.

This new Loot the Universe mode also ties into Mayhem Mode. Players can use their ECHO menu to track their progress is sewing mayhem and raising the level within each affected zone. The higher the Mayhem level, the better the loot that drops. Be sure to stay on top of the system and keep the kills coming though, as you will need to do a lot of killing and sew a ton of destruction to make this farming work well.

Here’s the current breakdown of where each gear type can be found via Loot the Universe mode in Borderlands 3:

  • Meridian Outskirts: Shotguns
  • Meridian Metroplex: Sniper Rifles and Artifacts
  • Lectra City: Submachine Guns
  • Skywell-27: Heavy Weapons and Grenades
  • Atlas HQ: Assault Rifles and Class Mods
  • Athenas: Pistols and Shields
  • Neon Arterial: Shotguns
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Each of the events is spaced out across a planet within the game. Pandora just wrapped today, moving the Loot the Universe modifier to a new planet. Check the list below for the weekly schedule and which planets to head to next.

  • Week 1 (9 AM PT April 23 to 8:59 AM PT April 30) – Pandora
  • Week 2 (9 AM PT April 30 to 8:59 AM PT May 7) – Promethea
  • Week 3 (9 AM PT May 7 to 8:59 AM PT May 14) – Eden-6
  • Week 4 (9 AM PT May 14 to 8:59 AM PT May 21) – Nekrotafeyo

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