What are Transmutation Spheres in Destiny 2?

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You may have noticed a new item has started to appear in Destiny 2. The Transmutation Sphere will be popping up where you are fighting enemies, as long as you or an ally has a new Exotic that was added to the game, the Ruinous Effigy.

With the new Ruinous Effigy rifle in Destiny 2, there’s a lot of players chasing the new quest content. There are various steps to the quests you need to take on. The quest has multiple steps, and you need to complete each one to unlock the new rifle. Completing these isn’t the focus of this guide, it’s about what the rifle actually does.

Every time you get a kill with the new Ruinous Effigy trace Rifle, it will cause a Transmutation Sphere to spawn. If you run up and interact with the Transmutation Spheres in Destiny 2 by hitting the left mouse button, or the R1/RB buttons on consoles, you can unlock a special attack. It’s not a Heavy attack or anything, just a new way to perform Light variants. Although there is a Heavy Attack variant too. You can also perform a special guard by running up to it and hitting your Guard keys.

The light attack resulting from this interaction isn’t OP though, so don’t expect it to get much use. There’s some confusion among players what it can be useful for as a result. The spawning from the Transmutation Spheres in Destiny 2 is much more useful. This attack doe more damage, but also has an AoE Burst that can useful taking on mob packs too. If you’re stuck in a large enemy pack, this move can be a lifesaver.

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At least you don’t need to unlock the function via a special task or quest. Just start using the new Rifle and see if it’s your thing. The playstyle shift can be refreshing at the very least.

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