Animal Crossing: New Horizons Toy Day (Christmas) Event Guide

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Winter update

When you load up ACNH on Christmas Eve, you will notice that Isabelle is wearing a festive Santa hat. Toy Day  is here for the first time in ACNH, and it’s time to give out some gifts. Make sure you have updated the game  1.6.0c and have a Nintendo account linked to your game to get him to spawn. Once that’s done, you will find the reindeer prowling around your plaza in a festive getup.

Step One: Make 3 Festive Wrapping Paper

When you first speak to Jingle, you will notice that has asks you to get some Wrapping Paper as he forgot his. He will give you the DIY Recipe for Festive Wrapping paper and ask you to make three of them. You will need the following items to make it:

  • 3 x Blue Ornament
  • 3 x Red Ornament
  • 3 x Gold Ornament

If you need Ornaments, shake your cedar trees and get crafting.

Once that’s done, head back to Jingle in the plaza and hand over the wrapping paper. you’ll get Toy Day Stockings, as well as a bag full of presents that need to be handed out to various villagers.

Step Two: Hand out Presents

Jingle will now give you a special Magic Gift Bag. Go around and hand a gift to every villager by speaking to them. During this first phase, you should get a gift back in return from some villagers; it will often be a toy from the Toy Day selection. You have all day to talk to your villagers, so don’t rush it, but if you want to get it out of the way you can.

To get a reward from a friend, you have to have high enough Friendship to be considered Close Friends.

Once you deliver half of the gifts, you can talk to Jingle and he will give you the Gift Pile DIY Recipe. You can check how many gifts are left to hand out by selecting the Magic Gift Bag in your inventory.

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Step Three: Hand out your own Gifts

I hope you have been buying the Toy furniture items from Nook’s Cranny each day this month, as they will come in handy today. If not, you can regift the Toys you got from your Close Friends in Step Two to other villagers. Purchase wrapping paper at Nook’s Cranny. Then take it around and grab up the Toys you bought or otherwise have. Head around to gift them to each villager.

If you go into the interaction to talk with a villager and then back out, they will hand over some Red Wrapping Paper, which is useful for the Gift Pile DIY if you don’t have any on hand.

Here are the toys you can hand out:

  • Puppy Plushie
  • Kids’ Tent
  • Dinosaur Toy
  • Pop-up Book
  • Dollhouse
  • Tin Robot
  • Mini Circuit
  • RC Helicopter

You can then hand out these toys to get alternative color versions from your villagers. Your color choices available for sale are locked per island. To get the new color choices, you need to give out gifts. You can also give out Tools, Furniture, and other items to your villagers to give them a nice boost in Friendship as well.

Step Four: Hang the Jingle’s Stocking Set

Make sure to hang up the Toy Day Stockings inside your house on the 24th. you will be rewarded with a special picture of Jingle on the 25th. Examine the Jingle stocking on the 25th to get a framed photo of Jingle. That means your Toy Day journey is complete.

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