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Gwent holiday event 2019 kicks off, get in on the fun now

Gwent holiday event 2019

So if you’re a fan of card games or The Witcher, you’re probably having a good time this month. The spin-off Gwent: The Witcher Card Game recently received a large expansion called the Merchants of Ofir, which introduced a batch of new cards, as well as some new mechanics. But what it was missing is a very winter feel just in time for the holidays. Now, CD Projekt RED has kicked off a holiday event for their card game.

The Gwent holiday event doesn’t really have a formal name, but what it does have is even more new cards and a chance for players to complete challenges to earn seasonal rewards. These new cards are all very clearly inspired by the Christmas season and themes, so expect a strange fusion of Gwent’s factions and plenty of mistletoe. Players who take part in the event can also claim a free “Midwinter Wanderer” title, just for logging in.

Check it out in the trailer below. The event will run until January 9, 2020.

Being a holiday event, why not throw some sales in there too. The new batch of in-game store specials is on offer now, and will run for the duration of the event. Players can snag discounts on Ultimate Premium Kegs, Mirror Shards and even some wintery themed decorations. Titles, borders, avatars, and a special Christmas leader skin for Crach an Craite will all be for sale. Those themed decorations tie directly into the new thematic game board too.

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The snow-covered field of battle in Gwent’s update is also getting a new look for the duration of the event. This new setting will also play host to a tiered event where players can choose a side in a faction-based conflict between Santa Crach and the Wraith of Yule. Each player who picks a side can earn EXP and rank up through play, with various ranks unlocking special rewards. You can complete both challenges and quests to earn even more rewards as well.

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