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Microsoft is handing out the original Crackdown for free


Gamers can grab a free copy of the original open-world adventure Crackdown this week. All you have to do is hop on your Xbox One, and jump to to the Xbox Live Store for your copy. And thankfully both Xbox 360 and Xbox One players can claim it thanks to backwards compatibility.

If for some reason you don’t remember the original Crackdown it’s one of the more inventive game franchises of the previous console generation. Crackdown is a series of sandbox-style action adventure video games created by David Jones and published by Microsoft Studios. Players would take a superpowered Agent through a dystopian cyberpunk city dominated by gangs and mutants, in a bid to clean up the streets for the sake of an oppressive and nebulous company called the Agency.

Along the way, players would run, leap, punch and shoot their way through legions of enemies while collecting power orbs. This simple-sounding concept was made all the more compelling by the clever use of verticality in the franchise. Jumping puzzles, timed trials and insane stunt races came to define this particular franchise as a trendsetter for open-world adventure games of the era.

And now Crackdown 3 is just on the horizon, finally giving fans what they’ve wanted for years. After frequent delays, and a long-running controversy over always-online functionality, gamers began to question if they would ever see the next installment, and now patience has been rewarded, let’s just hope it lives up to all the nostalgia and hype.

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These free goodies are being handed out ahead of the full launch of Crackdown 3 later this month, on February 15th. And just ahead of the test period for Crackdown 3‘s multiplayer tomorrow as well. More good news as well, Crackdown 3 is headed to Xbox Game Pass on the same day as its full launch too.

Checkout the original trailer for the game above, courtesy of IGN.

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