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Guild Wars 2 announces Call to Glory expansion

Call to Glory is Guild Wars 2‘s newest content update. The new patch brings new PvP modes, more cosmetic options, and a bunch of new goals to achieve. The patch mostly centers on PvP and the huge World vs. World battles that define this MMO, but there’s stuff in there to enjoy for everyone.

The patch is focused on a very coliseum-influenced theme. Players taking part in the new PvP and WvW content will find new game modes and a bunch of other stuff to enjoy. In short, there’s a ton of new ways to hack your enemies to pieces in Guild Wars 2 Call to Glory. There will also be gameplay adjustments to trading and the economy to help improve balance. And yes, some bug fixes too.

New Cosmetic Options

Guild Wars 2 will also be doing its best to deliver a long-requested feature to the fans with Guild Wars 2 Call to Glory. One of the common criticisms of the cosmetic side fo the game, which is already very expansive in terms of options, is a lack of choices for making your mounts more unique. Developer ArenaNet is changing that by linking the first rewards for mount skins to the other content in this new update.

The new skin is called the Guildrider Warclaw, and it can be earned as reward for taking on the largest conflicts in Guild Wars 2. The massive cross-realm battles are all about massive groups of players ripping each other to pieces while trying to hold swathes of territory and exploit it for resources. Players who do well can unlock the new Guildrider Warclaw skin. To make use of it you already need the Warcrlaw mount, so make sure you have that unlocked.

Guildrider Warclaw skin

Updates to PvP

A bunch of changes are headed to Guild Wars 2 with this new update in terms of PvP as well. The update adds Swiss Tournaments and mini-seasons to PvP, adding some more variety to the typical match types. There are plenty of new rewards for taking part in these battles as well. The PvP modes and WvW modes can now reward both a new Warlord’s Armor set and the first of those mount skins we mentioned.

Players will also find a new in-game event and new PvP seasonal achievements to earn as well.

If you would like to learn more about the in-depth details of Guild Wars 2 Call to Glory, you should check out the complete Call to Glory patch notes on the Guild Wars 2 forum. Also, you should take a look at the trailer for the new expansion down below.

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