Where to get industrial circuits in Far Cry 6

Where to get industrial circuits in Far Cry 6

Now that you’re deep into the base building and war effort in Far Cry 6, you’re hunting for materials. This game has a literal ton of side activities all tied to that stuff. The island of Yara is a very target-rich environment, so it’s time to get moving. This guide will help with one aspect of the game players seem to be having trouble with. Here are all of the ways to get more industrial circuits in Far Cry 6.

Where to get industrial circuits in Far Cry 6

When it comes to gear and base upgrades, you need certain items to build them. Industrial circuits are just one of many of these items. There are a few ways to get more, assuring that you can always get more if you need them. These are used to upgrade Resolver weapons, so they’re kind of important.

Buy industrial circuits from Lola

Lola, a resistance fighter, is the easiest way to get more of these items. You need Moneda to buy them from her, which is a special currency. You need to complete Special Operations to get it, which Lola gives out. So head over and find out what she needs you to do.

Get industrial circuits from Los Bandidos missions

Los Bandidos missions are some of the best ways to get various resources and gear in the game. The bounty board constantly adds new missions, and can be found right next to your buddy Lola. You can also find Los Bandidos boards around the map. Some of them offer different rewards so be sure to check what the reward for each mission is. If a mission offers Moneda, you can complete it, then trade that to Lola for more circuits.

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Trade alpha meat for industrial circuits

You can often find premium crafting materials for trade from many vendors. Trouble is, they only take certain things in trade. In the case of industrial circuits in Far Cry 6, you often need to trade some variety of Alpha Meat to get them.

Before hunting these beasts you need to have a Hunter’s Lodge built at your Guerrilla Camps, and then upgrade it to unlock the Animal Anatomy Guide.

This unlocks the Alpha hunts. When on the hunt itself, you need to make sure you don’t kill the animal with firearms or explosives, as this will ruin the item you would normally get from them. So you’re relegated to the likes of bows and arrows in terms of gear. But if you manage to take one down, be it an alpha crocodile, alpha jaguar, or alpha coyote, you can trade it in.

Medicine is another good thing to hunt down. You will need it to expand your base. It’s also much easier to find out in the world. You might also want to go hunting Durable Plastic from enemy vehicles. To get plenty of camp resources and other upgrades, you might want to gather up some Yaran Pesos. If you’re after a better set of gear, go find and upgrade the Supremo. And if you’re trying to upgrade weapons, go hunt for some Depleted Uranium.

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