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New Crusader Kings 3 diary highlights changes to dynasties and warfare

Crusader Kings 3 November 2019 Update

The next major developer update for Crusader Kings 3 has just dropped. Paradox Interactive is working hard on the next iteration of their classic medieval simulation, and work seems to be coming along swimmingly. In this latest video package, Paradox teams talk fans through a basic progress report. There’s also some insights into various elements of the game as they’re being redesigned for this sequel.

Warfare is getting a pretty substantial overhaul in Crusader Kings III. In previous titles, players focusing on building military power at a personal level would often rely on Levies, or units conscripted from personal holdings, to fill out their armies. These direct forces were then supplemented with forces from feudal lords within your demesne. Levies used to take the form of many different units, based on the buildings within a province, but that’s changing. Levies become purely light infantry, but rulers will be able to hire knights and more specialized troop types to customize their armies and their effectiveness. This includes siege-specific troops too.

Another area receiving attention in this update is the matters of family and court. More specifically, various elements of how you run your empire and manage your familial lines are being tweaked for Crusader Kings 3. This new game, much like the previous entries, is more about the storytelling potential of rulers more than nations, so Paradox really wants to lean into that this time around. The players will have more granular control over how their families develop, just as one example. The development team will also be stripping older mechanics down to make them less cumbersome, as part of the grand vision for Crusader Kings 3.

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The game map, and the way characters are represented within it, are getting reworked to accommodate other incoming changes too. Barons, Bishops, and Mayors are getting more fleshed out, with a much more interesting series of opportunities for advancement at this lowly level of play. All of the new and revised systems the developer has planned tie into the increased roleplaying potential Paradox is aiming to give players.

Paradox Interactive announced Crusader Kings 3 this past year at PDXCON. During the event, much more than a new grand strategy title was revealed. All of the major franchises got new expansions or other content. ans of giant battle bots got a new Heavy Metal expansion for BattleTech. And then the WWII enthusiasts got the La Resistance expansion for Hearts of Iron IV. Stellaris is also getting a diplomacy rework in Federations.

Crusader Kings III is set for a Steam release in 2020.

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