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Dead Cells’ free DLC launches March 28 on PC

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is getting some free DLC at the end of this month, complete with new bosses and levels. The DLC pack is titled Rise of the Giant, and will test even the most skilled players in devilish new ways.

The new DLC will introduce an entirely new end-game zone, the Cavern, an area you have to beat the game to get to. This new zone will include a new boss, ten new enemies and even introduces skins for the main character. And the best part of all of this is that everyone who owns the base game will get it for free.

Motion Twin even managed to sneak in an entirely new hidden level, aimed at testing the skill and wits of the most advanced players. This won’t be easy, and is probably some of the hardest content Dead Cells will ever have. So if you think you’ve mastered the game, why not find said hidden area to test your mettle.

Motion Twin has been testing the new batch of content for at least a few weeks in the Steam’s beta branch ahead of the full release, so that should mean a much more polished experience upon said release. Dead Cells was loved by gamers and critics alike for it’s extreme difficulty, stylish art and level design, and just a pure quality of gameplay that excited anyone who played it. In short, it will be great to see the game getting some fresh content.

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This new DLC pack releases for free on March 28. Take a look at the patch notes.

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