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Jade Raymond is heading Google’s Stadia Games and Entertainment studio

Google Stadia

Jade Raymond, the game developer and former Ubisoft executive, is jumping over to Google. What for you might ask? Well, a lot of things, but more specifically the industry veteran is heading up the studio behind Google’s new Stadia game streaming platform.

The Google Stadia was announced this week at GDC 2019, and will feature some really interesting new technology that could potentially revolutionize game streaming and overall video game accessibility.The purpose of Stadia is to provide a relatively affordable means for gamers to utilize cloud computing to stream any number of games through a single centralized platform. Google intends to offer support for a wide array of games from platforms including consoles, PC and mobile phones, along with support for all of these devices to play the latest and greatest games at amazing quality.

The core idea sounds really ingenious and deceptively simple, it’s just a question of whether Google can manage to navigate all of the pitfalls that such an ambitious new product might fall into. Having an industry veteran like Jade Raymond, who has worked on many game projects, including major AAA video game releases, around to steer the ship of first-party development should hopefully smooth out some of the bumps along the way.

Raymond was on hand during GDC this week to talk up the Stadia platform and hype up the future potential of Google to break into the games industry in a big way. The company is partnering with various external companies to both power the platform and develop content. For example, AMD is partnering with the Big G to develop graphical tech for the streaming service based on their Vulkan API. Raymond also hinted at cooperation with various game development studios who will release games for Stadia.

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“As the head of Stadia Games and Entertainment, I will not only be bringing first party game studios to re-imagine the new generation of games. Our team will also be working with external developers to make all of the bleeding edge Google technology you’ve seen here today available to partner studios big and small,” Raymond said during her presentation. “We are committed to going down a bold path, learning what is working best, and sharing key tools and tech so that we can take games to the next level together.”

Google Stadia currently has no firm release date, and we don’t know much about what games will be featured on the platform. Although some new releases, like DOOM Eternal have been confirmed.

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