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Entosis Link Stats on SiSi


The Entosis Link I and II are now available to view on Singularity. CCP spared us in guessing whether the module’s specifications will be the same in the live game by putting “Stats are not final” directly in the item’s description. However, it gives us an estimate to the materials needed for assembly. The estimated manufacturing cost for the Entosis link I (with a new 0% BP) is roughly 40 million isk, and the Entosis Link II at approximately 120 million isk.


Entosis Link I, and II on Singularity


More information on the Entosis Link modules can be found in CCP Fozzie’s Dev blog on the official EVE Forums. Stainguy was kind enough to share this full manufacturing materials on reddit earlier today. It is worth nothing that the Antikythera Element is a drop from Circadian Sleepers.

Entosis Link I

  • Antikythera Element: 1
  • Isogen: 20000
  • Megacyte: 2500
  • Mexallon: 40000
  • Nocxium: 4000
  • Pyerite: 200000
  • Tritanium: 400000
  • Zydrine: 5000

Entosis Link II

  • Antimatter Reactor Unit: 40
  • Electrolytic Capacitor Unit: 80
  • Entosis Link I: 1
  • Fusion Reactor Unit: 40
  • Graviton Reactor Unit: 40
  • High-Tech Transmitters: 40
  • Morphite: 3000
  • Nanoelectrical Microprocessor: 80
  • Nanomechanical Microprocessor: 40
  • Nuclear Reactor Unit: 40
  • Oscillator Capacitor Unit: 160
  • Photon Microprocessor: 80
  • Quantum Microprocessor: 80
  • R.A.M.- Electronics: 1
  • Scalar Capacitor Unit: 80
  • Synthetic Synapses: 20
  • Tesseract Capacitor Unit: 80
  • Transcranial Microcontrollers: 20

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