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BRAVE news continues, this week: a temporary change and corp departures

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The last few weeks have not been kind to the BOONIES. This week is looking to be a combination of good and bad for the newbies. Lychton Kondur announced that undisclosed real life issues will keep him away from the game for a time. To keep things going, he handed BRAVE control off to 2IC Nancy Crow for the time being.  Nancy them held a public address detailing the basics of his plans for the next few weeks.

You can listen to the full address and Q&A here:


The main points are pretty short but highlight some potential changes and plans:

Later this week a full update including some potentially major changes and a new plan for HERO are being announced.  Nancy is planning on working with June Tung to assist in running HERO operations during this time and in the future.

Blue Ice will also release a military update to detail some new plans and changes as well. The coalition is as of now not planning to evacuate from NPC Fountain, despite a lot of groundswell within membership to locate to less active regions of space.

The update admitted some base issues with the organization at this point. There are a lot of hints in this address that some changing for the strategic objectives of HERO are definitely on the table.  The specific details are not known yet.

Nancy Crow has also been introducing himself to various unnamed Null entities, potentially to make formal alliances or other agreements to support the organization holding in Fountain. He acknowledged the historically difficult nature of diplomacy for BRAVE, and that he plans to work on rectifying that.

BRAVE does not plan to purge inactives, they are working on finding a balance between newbies and older players. The wording of the statements about this implies to me that SOV will be somewhat less important for the organization going forward.

Nancy expects some corps to leave and is working on limiting the loss. The first of which has already announced their departure being AIEU.

[UPDATE] Bovril has also apparently decided to evacuate from Fountain. Hints from the leaks show that HERO is planing to announce something big on Sunday that may drive a lot of people away. This is making it sound like the plans of Nancy Crow could potentially make things worse. Bovril is planning to join RAZOR and to move to Tenal.

Lets be honest, Bovril is using the constant drama and the upcoming likely loss of F-88 to get the best deal for themselves. It’s both good and bad depending on what side you’re on. Bovril clearly feels as though they aren’t being given their due in BRAVE. And I’ve seen plenty of people bash Bovil for focusing too much on industry and not enough on PVP. So it seems like whatever happens, BRAVE just lost out.

UNITAS. have also announced their departure and apparent switch to SMA. So that makes three corps lost by BRAVE, two of them being well-liked industry corps.


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