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The Crow Revolution – Nancy Crow announces new plans for BRAVE amid turmoil

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After several days of announcements by interim Exec Nancy Crow, from FC and SRP revamps, to the announcement of corp departures , it looks like HERO is genuinely trying to build it’s way out of the hole it’s been in for the last few months. It has also been confirmed that J3B are leaving the alliance as well. Bringing the total to four different corps. Bovril and J3B housed a significant portion of the industrial and capital assets of BRAVE, these losses will no doubt hamper the future plans announced tonight. Although I suspect Nancy and other leaders have been aware of this for a while, and these departures had some effect on the plans.

The biggest revelation of tonights SOTA was the unveiling of the change in location from Fountain. Acknowledgment of the entirely defensive war HERO has been fighting in SOV as untenable was expected. And it will likely drive a lot more members away from the alliance as they look to stay in SOV. The location has not yet been announced, but it seems likely that they will be deploying to NPC null in a less populated and chaotic region. The question was somewhat answered by “near faction warfare”.

This does mean that HERO is effectively over as an organization. Although they will retain blue standings for a time. The Q&A session afterwards confirms that the catalyst for the corps finally deciding to leave was the loss of SOV.  Plans were also alluded to that BRAVE would be most likely transferring their remaining space to Black Legion.

Well, there you have it folks, HERO has admitted that it can’t play the defensive game come Aegis. This might be used as a rallying cry for the idea that CCP’s attempts to make SOV harder for larger groups is actually driving smaller or weaker groups away. But the reality seems to be a bit more “shades of gray”. HERO still has a lot of issues that this won’t fix on it’s own. The next few weeks will likely see a lot of change for the alliance internally.

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