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Food Fantasy Beginner’s Guide

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You could be fooled into thinking Food Fantasy is just like any other mobile gacha game. But you would be somewhat wrong, and you might need some help figuring out game mechanics or getting ahead of the competition. Luckily, we’re here with various tips and tricks for Food Fantasy to help you out.

If you haven’t played Food Fantasy, check out our review here to find out if its unique blend of RPG mechanics and restaurant management is for you.

Food Fantasy Basic Tips

Food Fantasy doesn’t track quests automatically, so you won’t know what your objectives are when your in battle, or managing your restaurant. So you’ll need to stay on top of the quest log to play most efficiently. Running these mission is also an easy source of XP in the early levels.

Always check the story missions before leveling up a food soul, prepping dishes, battling in the forest, researching and improving meals, or summoning new creatures. If there’s a quest for something, do those tasks first, and since there’s quests for many repeatable tasks, don’t start doing anything if you haven’t checked the quest log, you may miss out on easy bonuses if you just spam out dishes or upgrades.

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Resources are one of the constant challenges in Food Fantasy. Acquiring the right foods, upgrade materials to keep your Food Souls in tip-top shape, and keep your dishes improving, this means you need a constant rotation of customers in your restaurant. Keep in mind that you can only serve customers if you have dishes prepared and on the serve line. You should constantly be checking your available dishes and creating new ones to serve customers.

It’s a good idea to continually check the interests of your customers to see what food types they like, you’ll earn more rewards if you serve what people want.

Food Fantasy Battle

Check the stage drops to make meals and upgrade recipes

Maximizing Tips is a great way to min-max your time in the restaurant. In fact, you can increase your volume of Tips by figuring out what your customers want and serving it to them. Serving the right dishes to customers is a great way to know that dishes to cook. Be sure to tap each customer and see their preferences to get more customer tips. Some want firm foods, other beautiful foods, other mushy, and so on.

Go out and farm (sweep) the stage drops for the ingredients you need to upgrade your existing dishes for a few levels before you start trying to generate new recipes. Remember to Sweep older levels for low-end ingredients. These and other useful items will be stored in the Vault, so be sure to check there and see what you have. You can open the Vault by tapping the crossed fork and knife icon on the main screen and selecting the Vault. You want to focus on upgrading Recipes first as having higher quality Recipes means a higher volume of Tips.

Using the Shop in combination with your Tips is a great way to get Super Rare Food Souls, Rare ingredients and other rewards, so keep plugging away at getting those ingredients and Tips to maximize your rewards.

One thing you need to keep your eye on with your restaurant is Freshness. Click the Staff icon in your restaurant to see what Freshness your staff is at.

As the staff hands out orders or cooks meals, their freshness — indicated by the green leaf icons — goes down. This is one of the reasons to keep summoning new food souls, as you need to swap out staff regularly to keep their freshness high.

At low freshness, their effectiveness in the kitchen decreases. Refresh Meds can be used to increase freshness if you want to keep a cook on the line, but they have to be researched first with one Large Soul Fruit and one Magic Bottle. Get these rare items as Quest rewards or as drops from end-game exploration.

Another way to manage freshness is the Ice Arena. Once you hit level 16, you unlock the ability to place Food Souls in the Ice Arena to restore their freshness at a set rate. You need to have a large stable of spare Souls to rotate out with your restaurant staff, so keep plenty of extra lower-level ones on hand.

Summoning Tips


There’s an underlying trick to Summoning Food Souls in Food Fantasy. You might have seen mentions of Food Fantasy Summon Codes or a Summoning Recipe, those refer to the three colored buttons on the side of Summon window.

Before summoning you can alter the wheel on the side of the screen. It allegedly increases your chances to get your desired character, the exact increased percentage is unknown but it’s safe to say it’s not too high. Put in the color button codes in order clockwise.

So how do you do this? Before you click summon, look on the left side of the screen and you’ll see three vats, one blue, one white, one red. Click these vats according to the result picture to allegedly increase the odds of rolling a certain unit. For example, let’s say you want Bamboo Rice, follow the clock on the right hand side of the image. Click the vats in this order: 5x Red – 1x White – 1x Blue – 2x Red – 1x Blue – 1x White – 3x Red – 1x Blue

Be on the lookout for M rarity units when you roll summons, M rarity means these units are specifically meant for staffing your restaurant and could have very high freshness or other bonus stats to make them the best choice for staff positions.

Upgrading your Food Souls is vital in this game. There are two main things you need to focus on: Their Star rating, and their individual Skills.

Upgrading skills is easiest as it just costs a certain amount of Gold per skill per level, assuming you have the right Soul level to reach the skill. This is an easy way to buff your Souls in the early game when you’re still low level.

Ascending, or upgrading the Star rating of a given hero, requires a bit more investment though. You’ll need a fair bit of Gold, and you’ll need certain item requirements, like Soul Shards or other items, in order to improve each Soul. Ascending is super important though as it buffs all of the base stats of the Soul into a new higher range.

Food Fantasy Battle Guide

Battling is the other major aspect of this game, and it’s where you’ll spend most of your time. Not only do you gain food ingredients, but you can also get Loot Boxes, Cooking Points and other rewards from completing challenges in the Secret Forest.

Battle may play out automatically, but don’t treat this like a game you can walk away from. During battle you’ll have to heal your Food Souls with special abilities, which is why it’s always good to bring a Food Soul with a Healing special skill to every fight. You will also need a DPS focused hero that acts alongside your Attack and Defense heroes. The game’s first team it builds for you with the likes of Milk and Black Tea, paired with some frontline Attackers, is a good starting point.

Remember that crossed fork and knife icon I mentioned? That’s also where your Cooking Talents are located. These Cooking Talents are your in-battle special abilities. You can take two into each battle. At the early levels it’s best to focus on pure damage to boost your DPS. Later on you’ll need to bring healing and other support skills to keep your Food Souls alive. It’s this careful selection of skills that combines with the composition of your Food Soul teams that comprises the primary strategic layer in Food Fantasy.

Food Fantasy Cooking Skills

Upgrade your Skills with Cooking Points to maximize your effectiveness in battle.

When in battle there are a couple of mechanics to keep an eye out for. Most boss enemies will have a countdown timer appear on them randomly. Tap one of the numbers before it hits zero to debuff the boss. One will stop the casting of that special ability, another will lower their overall stats. Learn which ones do what to maximize debuffs and keep your Food Souls alive in battle.

There’s also little minions that spawn in back row of enemies, tap them or they will apply debuffs or damage to your team. Also watch out for your Food Souls getting frozen. Tap them repeatedly to unfreeze any that get hit with this status effect so they can continue fighting. The game is usually pretty forgiving about this in the early stages, in later battles you need to be on your toes though.

Besides the forest areas specifically for combat, customers in the restaurant can also be fought, be on the lookout for the dark cloud above certain irate customers, these are the ones that instigate battles. You need to do this regularly not just to earn more rewards, but also to clear them out to get paying normal customers into the seats.

Food Fantasy Boss

Tapping boss weak points and using your special skills will win you many battles.


For simplicity, here are links to all the recipe combinations in Food Fantasy. Keep in mind that you can only craft recipes for the region you’re currently in. This is first determined by the choice you made when you picked your starter dish in the tutorial.
(French fries for Gloriville, baked potato for Sakurajima, stir-friend potatoes for Light Kingdom)

Lost recipes cannot be developed and are received through Side Story Missions. Check below for the full list of all recipes from the Food Fantasy wiki.

Sakurajima Recipes


Light Kingdom Recipes

Lost Recipes

The following are a list of unlockable game features and the levels required to unlock them.

Disclaimer : Levels listed may be inaccurate

  • Delivery (10) – Allows players to send food souls and food to acquire cooking power, fame and shards
  • Parisel (Lv 12) – Hard difficulty area that can be challenged a limited number of times daily for shards
  • Daily Missions (Lv 13) – Daily quests that reward the player for completing them
  • Replenish (Lv 15) – Players can attempt trials for various rewards daily
  • World Map (Lv 15) – Travel to new locations
  • Ice Arena (Lv 16) – A place to recover freshness of food souls over time
  • Air Ship (Lv 22) – A ship that requests several ingredients and food and rewards various things
  • Showdown (Lv 23) – PvP
  • Exploration (Lv 24) – Similar to Delivery, players can send teams of food souls to gather items
  • Catacombs (Lv 26) – A dungeon where players can enter to gather Fallen Angels
  • Fallen Angels (Lv 26) – Pets that can be attached to Food Souls to increase their stats
  • Marketplace (Lv 28) – A place players can buy/sell materials and ingredients
  • Guilds (Lv 32)

Starting the End-Game

Once you hit level 26, you should unlock two new features. One is the Endless, or Catacombs mode. You can access the Catacombs by clicking Trials on the main screen.

The Catacombs are a series of battles and challenges that will push your teams to the limit. Make sure your abilities are maxed out as much as possible and that your Souls have their rating upgraded before attempting this new mode.

The big rewards for completing the Catacombs are magical food ingredients and other items that can be used to supercharge your Souls. The biggest part of these rewards ties directly into the other level 26 unlock.

The other feature, as see on the home screen, is Fallen Angels. These new additions to your roster must first be awakened to be used. Open the Fallen menu and tap on a Spirit that you have in your vault, then click the awaken or purify option. The difference is that one option has a timer, and is a guaranteed success to unlock that Fallen Angel (Purify), the other option is instant but has a built-in failure chance (Awaken).

Remember that those food ingredient Catacomb drops can be used to create special recipes that allow you to buff Food Souls and Fallen Angels.

The primary use for Fallen Angels is buffing the main stats of your Food Souls. But you should train Spirits first to maximize their impact. You should also bear in mind that each Spirit has a personality type that means they have a determined role where the upgrades they offer to Souls are best suited:

  • Brave – Attack Power Suited
  • Staunch – Defense Suited
  • Cautious – HP Suited
  • Lively – Critical Rate Suited
  • Meticulous – Critical Damage Suited
  • Resolute – Attack Speed Suited
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