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Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne shows off new weapons

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Announced

Capcom recently revealed the launch date and install size of the new expansion to Monster Hunter: World, called Iceborne. This news was great for any MonHun fan looking for more info about the beastly new expansion, but there’s more. And now they’ve setup a huge new batch of trailers to hype fans up even more.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne will take players on a strange new quest to an even more strange land, one filled with ice and wonder. This land is massive and full of new fun to uncover, as Capcom put it in a recent blog post. “This isn’t just your average expansion. In fact, we can tell you that the volume of gameplay content in Iceborne will rival that of Monster Hunter: World, with even more quests to face this time around!”

And to amp up even more hype, the developer just unleashed a horde of new trailers showing off new versions of gear and weapons which will be in the expansion. This includes the new Clutch Claw, a close-range weapon with ludicrously fast attacks. Of course new craftable gear is just the tip of this iceberg. Capcom is bringing tons of new monsters to the fight as well.

There’s big bruisers like Velkhana, the new Elder Dragon boss. Then there’s other large beasts like Banbaro. There’s the smaller lifeforms like Popo, Stonebill, and Rime Beetles, each serving their own unique roles within the new world.

Clutch Claw

Great Sword

Long Sword

Dual Blades

Sword and Shield

Hunting Horn




As Iceborne crawls closer to release, fans are getting more and more excited over the prospect of an icy new biome and a large new monster roster to hunt with the new Master Rank quests.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne is set to launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 6th.

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