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Total War: Warhammer 2 full regional campaign map released


Creative Assembly have released a full, fully marked campaign map showing the various factions of Total War: Warhammer 2. ‘Full’ aside from Skaven, that is, who haven’t yet been officially announced. The Campaign map size is said to be comparable to the first Warhammer game. All the different regions you’ll have to conquer are on display here.

you can use the map to see the various starting locations of the different factions. Plus any immediate threats on their borders. Dark Elves, for instance, look like they’ll have a spot of bother from nearby Beastmen and Norscans. And the High Elves appear to have a Slannesh-influenced cult of Dark Elves on Ulthuan.

Other announced aspects of the campaign will play into the map as well. Aspects like increased settlement slots will carry over to the Warhammer Old World factions when playing a combined campaign. Old World factions will be able to conquer any regions (though they will be subject to the new climate preference mechanics).

The Full Map

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