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Mario Kart Tour getting festive with Winter Event

Mario Kart Tour Has Been Delayed to Summer 2019

Mario Kart Tour has been out a little while, and it’s surprisingly good. The racing title skidded onto mobile devices after a short delay, bringing the racing genre to mobile devices. The game has exploded in popularity, thanks in no small part to the popularity of the original franchises. Mario Kart Tour has garnered more than 120 million downloads since launching earlier this year.

To get fans interested and in the holiday spirit, Nintendo has announced a new thematic event for the mobile title. The new event will be called the Winter Tour, and will bring with it a variety of new tracks and other content. One confirmed element is that there will be a rendition of a classic track, DK Pass from 2005’s Mario Kart DS, as part of the future content updates during the event. We can also expect holiday-decked tracks styled after real world locales like Tokyo and New York City, although this has yet to be confirmed.

The event was announced via Twitter, and will also include various costumes and special drivers for your Karts. You can either grind these out by playing races, or by paying into the cash shop, although prices are pretty high.

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The racing game will kick off the festivities next week on November 19th, giving players a chance to get in an icy mood.  A beta test for “real-time” multiplayer will also be kicking off later in 2019, sometime in 2019. Although said test will be restricted to people who have paid into the game. More specifically, the multiplayer feature test will be locked to those who hold the Gold Pass.

Mario Kart Tour is free-to-download on mobile devices, offering plenty of racing fun.

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