Where to find depleted uranium in Far Cry 6

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As you get shuffled around the map fighting for the liberation of Yara in Far Cry 6, you will notice a lot of locations that you will have to come back to. You will also find many different hidden items like weapons and upgrades all over the place. With the biggest map that the franchise has ever had, there’s a huge area to explore. Far Cry 6 has a plethora of activities that you can do during that exploration as well. A lot of these side activities tie back into other missions or mechanics as well. Some of these are pretty dangerous, even for a fictional war.

Some unlock rather cool gadgets. in the case of this game, we even get our own form of a PipBoy and jetpack in one, known as the Supremo. OK, the Supremo isn’t that cool, but it’s still a very useful little gadget. You’ll gain access to the Supremo backpack and Resolver weapons at the end of the Du or Die mission in Far Cry 6. This will happen fairly early on in the game, and it also the point where you unlock co-op.

To get through this mission, you need to find a hidden cache of depleted uranium in Far Cry 6. You will eventually be tasked with assaulting Fort Quito on Isla Santuario, that’s where the cache is. At one point, you need to rush in and kill an officer to gain access to a new area. Kill the leader and take the keycard. Use that to open the armory, the Uranium is inside in a clearly marked yellow case.

You will now use depleted uranium in Far Cry 6 to power new upgrades for your weapons and tech. For every 100 uranium you gather, you can unlock new items and upgrades.

How to Get Depleted Uranium in Far Cry 6

After this point, you will need to head all over the map looking for more of the nuclear material. Depleted Uranium is primarily found at Anti-Aircraft Sites, stored in yellow crates, the same ones that you saw in the first mission you encountered it. To get the cache from each AA site, you need to blow up the gun. You can rush in and try to take out all the enemies, but that’s hard. You can also bring in a vehicle, park it next to the AA gun, then blow up the car. The resulting explosion should delete the gun. Destroying the gun emplacement will give you a batch of uranium.

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You can spend the uranium in Juan’s workbench on Zamok Archipelago or from arms dealers in the military bases you’ve taken over.

If you want to speed this up, it’s probably a good idea to unlock fast travel ASAP. Being able to zip around the map in this game is crucial. Far Cry 6‘s world map has so many things to do that it becomes too much to remember.

Far Cry 6 is available via Ubisoft’s store and the Epic Games Store.

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