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EA removes premium currency from Battlefront II, temporarily


Star Wars Battlefront 2 appears to no longer offer paid microtransactions in-game. Crystals, the form of in-game currency that can be purchased for real dollars, are no longer sold on either storefront. EA published an update to explain why on their site.

The game still lists Crystal prices alongside its in-game purchases, but players won’t be able to buy more Crystal, at least for now. Weirdly, some storefronts are reportedly offering some microtransactions for sale while others aren’t. Crystals are still listed for sale on the Xbox Store, however. On the PlayStation Store, however, both the Battlefront 2 Starter Pack (which includes 1,500 crystals) and 4,400 crystals pack have been removed entirely. They’ve also been pulled from Electronic Arts’ Origin storefront, which is used with the Windows PC version.

But player’s shouldn’t celebrate just yet. The microtransactions will return, and EA haven’t made it clear exactly how they’ll address the 40+ grinds to unlock top-tier heroes like Darth Vader. EA change the game systems to make it so that everything can be unlocked through play, but we as players likely won’t know if the grind issue has been addressed until much later.

The game, which has been mired in major controversy all week, is due out tomorrow, Nov. 17. So players will just have to wait and see what happens with this particular dump truck of drama.

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