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Planet Zoo announces Arctic Pack DLC, out next week

Planet Zoo

Frontier Developments have announced that they’re planning to release a new DLC pack next week for Planet Zoo. The new update also includes some free content for all users. With the pack comes a new Arctic park theme complete with two new park locations, Norway and Mexico. Yes, the latter of those two is more of a challenge map as you have to adapt a non-native climate to the more arid locale.

A variety of gameplay elements will be added, with existing systems being adjusted. For example, new heat maps to gauge park interest are being implemented. Also, players will notice that their animals age more slowly in the new 1.1 patch. This setting will be available in all modes: Career, Sandbox, Franchise and Challenge. Also, some new animals will be added to the roster for players to use in their parks. Arctic Wolf and Reindeer will both be available with this update.

Frontier also released a ton of player statistics, revealing just how players are having fun in Planet Zoo. FOr one thing, based on 30 days of player data, it seems like players are just covering everything in sprinklers to improve their parks. One of the other interesting statistics coming out with this update concerns who many animals players have released back into the wild, 13.7 million to be exact. They have also transferred a whopping 6.4 million animals to other zoos via the open market in-game.

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Frontier Planet Zoo

And yes, because it’s a simulation game in 2019, there’s a poop stat too. Players have amassed a world-ending 508,228,063 Meters Cubed worth of the stuff in the last 30 days. Holy crap.

The Arctic Pack DLC will be heading to Steam on December 17, 2019. Read the full details of the updates coming on the Frontier forums.

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