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How to farm Pandero Prime Relics in Warframe

Here's how to get Lavos in Warframe

The Pandero Prime is a new status-afflicting weapon added alongside Octavia Prime. The new weapon excels at single-target damage and is a solid choice for anyone dealing with bosses. A Toxic-stacking build might do well with this weapon. The gun can apply increased status effects, making it incredibly solid for many builds. And thankfully, it can be farmed with only three Blueprints instead of the usual four to build a Warframe.

Use this guide to figure out where to look to farm the four Relics you need to build Pandero Prime. Like all other Prime frames, you can get her from drops, instead of spending real money on the access bundle. You do get certain bonuses for the access bundle, and it’s a good deal if you want to skip the farming. For those not afraid of farming, here’s what to do to get the new weapon.

What Relics do I need?

  • Barrel – Axi C6 – Rare
  • Blueprint – Lith I1 – Common
  • Receiver – Neo P2 – Rare

Now, where can you go to get these? There are some options. Void missions are usually the best bet. You can also just buy the Blueprints with Platinum if you have it sitting around, although that may get pretty costly. Since the BPs are so new, there may not be many on the market right away. There’s also a bit of a demand premium to worry about.

How to farm Pandero Prime Relics in Warframe

Use the following recommendations for farming each of the Relic types. The drops for Relics are somewhat random, with different mission types each having a percentage chance to drop a certain class. Some missions are better than others though, and for general farming, Orokin Void missions are usually the best. We sorted the nodes for each of the four Relic types down below.

  • Lith – Hepit in the Void. This Void Capture mission always drops Lith Relics, with it now being in the potential options. New players also have a better chance to get the Lith from Olympus on Mars. You will have to deal with the more challenging Disruption mission-type, but it’s opened much sooner in the Star Chart compared to T1 Void.
  • Neo – Xini on Eris. The A rotation of this mission drops a guaranteed Neo Relic, being an Interception mission, you’re going to do best in pairs or squads here. You can also do Ukko the T3 Void Capture here as well, as it has the same drop chance as Meso.
  • Axi – Xini on Eris. The B and C rotations on this Interception will drop an Axi Relic. This area allows you to farm Neo and Axi relics at the same time. Apollo on Lua is an option as well, defending all four nodes in a map guarantees and Axi drop. An Axi every five minutes is possible with a good squad.

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