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Minecraft Earth Early Access live this week, in select regions

Minecraft Earth Early Access is Available in Select Territories Now

Minecraft Earth has been spreading around the internet building hype for a few months now. Mojang has been slowly building new features for the ARG while it was being tested, slowly attempting to create a new version of the exceedingly popular adventure title for mobile devices. Being an Augmented Reality Game (ARG), players can expect to see the various mobs and collectible items dotted around the real world through the lens of their mobile devices. So if you ever wanted to know what your house looked like covered in creepers, no you can know for sure.

The game has been in a closed beta state for a while now, mostly so that Mojang can refine the gameplay loop and fix major bugs. So far, the biggest elements, like the World, seem to be working just fine according to user feedback that’s been seen online. Users report stable Worlds and plenty of things working as intended, and with this new open access, a bunch of new features have been added.

So far, only a few select regions have access to this testing phase. The countries able to download in early access today are:

  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • South Korea
  • Philippines
  • Sweden
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Iceland

To coincide with the launch of the early access phase, the developer has also patched in some new features for users across the board. Of course it’s all new to brand new players of the ARG, but that’s not everyone. And if you already got into the closed beta, expect to see some new stuff here as well.

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There’s the new mini-worlds of the Adventures system, which offers players the chance to explore and craft within a much smaller version of their Minecraft universe. These worlds are hosted on dedicated servers too, so they should be very stable. These micro-worlds are dotted with Azure Spatial Anchors (ASA). These devices can be used to port your creations from one Adventure to the next, even into the worlds of other players.

The main Worlds players get to goof around in have also been expanded with smelting and crafting options that will be very familiar to anyone who has played another version of Minecraft. All the basic tools are now in the game and craftable, and you will have to smelt ores to create the higher tier items like Iron an Gold stuff. Finally, a few new mobs make their way into the game as well. The Muddy Pig, Moobloom, Jumbo Rabbit, and Cluckshroom all are available today.

If you want to test out these new additions, Minecraft Earth is out now for iOS and Android.

Source: Mojang

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