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Mario Kart Tour multiplayer beta is coming in December

Mario Kart Tour Has Been Delayed to Summer 2019

Mario Kart Tour, for being a mobile game in an age when it’s trendy to hate those, is actually surprisingly well-hyped. Nintendo has managed to win over some fans by appealing to their need for kart racing action on the go. But one of the real winning features is something that was conspicuously absent in the first announcements for the game. Fans of the racing franchise know full well that the competitive racing, with all of its potential to ruin friendships, is the biggest draw for these games. So when Nintendo seemingly held back on announcing any kind of PvP modes for the mobile title, many fans were perplexed.

Well now, at least we have some closure on this front. Nintendo will run a beta test before the end of the year, sometime in December. Within this test the company will finally be rolling out full multiplayer modes to the mobile game. The decision to leave out online multiplayer at launch has left a lot of fans soured towards the game, so it’s good it’s finally coming onto the track. And with online PvP finally coming to the title, there might be a reason for some people to give it a try. Although the fact that the initial launch was actually delayed was not helpful either.

Details like the start date for this test are not known, nor do we know what features will be enabled. We also don’t know if the multiplayer modes within will be further tested beyond this limited scope. For now, all we know is that there will be a private beta for the multiplayer modes, locked behind a paywall.

It’s not all roses and reefs in the world Mario Kart Tour though, as some players aren’t sold on the idea or are actively hostile. Mario Kart Tour’s Gold Pass costs about $5 a month and offers access to various premium elements of the game. But something about this announced beta has irked fans, as access to it has been locked behind the Gold Pass. The real stinker here though is that the monetization methods, which lock all characters and cosmetics into loot boxes, are ever-present. And not content to just use the gambling system, Nintendo has instilled within the system odds that even the most addicted gambler would turn down. Chaser characters like Shy Guy and Baby Mario have a stunningly low 0.3% drop rate.

These reasons have led to a lot of players not wanting to touch the mobile Mario Kart, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Do you think you’ll buy into the premium pass for this? If not, at least there is some consolation prize, as Mario Kart Tour is currently in the middle of a Halloween-themed event that adds new racers like King Boo.

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