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Mario Kart Tour releases launch trailers, announces release date

Mario Kart Tour Has Been Delayed to Summer 2019

Mario Kart Tour, the new mobile entry in the iconic racer series, is speeding toward release. We now know for sure when the game is due to cross the finish line and be released for mobile platforms.

Being a mobile title, yes there are microtransactions, so be warned if you’re sensitive to that kind of thing in your games. These purchases mostly include cosmetic cart customization and other aspects like skins.

The gameplay itself will feature a wide array of Nintendo characters racing for pole position and ultimate victory across a variety of tracks. The tracks themselves will be a mix of fan-favorite courses from older games and some new locales. There’s also Bonus Challenge courses which will reward completing objectives like ‘Vs. Mega Bowser’ and ‘Goomba Takedown’. A bunch of these tracks will also be modeled after real world locales like Tokyo and Paris, for a bit of extra flair.

Winning races earns Grand Stars, but you can complete special events to unlock them as well. These earnings can be spent on unlocking more drivers, karts, and gliders.

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Mario Kart Tour is due out for iOS and Android devices next month on September 25th. The game was supposed to be available in March 2019 until Nintendo delayed its release to give it a bit more time in the oven. Ostensibly this was to polish the overall experience, but details are kind of sketchy. Very little has been seen of the game since then, with its only public showing being a small closed beta period.

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