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Introducing the New Customer Support Help Center [Dev Blog]


New Customer Support Help Center.

Greetings honorable Capsuleers,

As some of you may already have noticed, we have been running our Technical Support through a beta version of a new Help Center since October last year. This was to battle test the transition of all our services to a new solution which has since last Friday (2015-06-26) replaced the ticket part of our old web and in-game ticketing system, and Knowledge Base. Instead of continuing to rely on the out-of-date home grown solution we‘ve had for a long time now, we decided to go for an industry leading 3rd party solution after pretty vigorous comparison testing.

Note that we are only talking about changes to the system itself, not the people behind it. Rest assured that you will still be dealing with the same old friendly and helpful EVE GMs when you contact us.

Modern Support

There are several reasons we moved to this new system but the driving force was our desire to provide the best support possible for our players. The benefits with this change are: greatly improved self-help tools; search features; a rating system; social media integration (starting with Facebook and Twitter); chat support features; and a much smoother overall experience for you. For chat support, we‘ve been wanting to offer it where it makes sense for a long time. Not all of these features will be available from day one (such as social media and chat support) but it is our hope the transition will start making everyone‘s support experience better immediately.

Any tickets already filed in our old system, will be concluded there and you can still access those by clicking My Tickets on our old support web and/or from the EVE client. All new tickets that are created from here on out will be routed through our new system.

The new help center can be found at, which redirects to

With the new Help Center, we have removed the in-game ticket system completely. By doing this, we aim to simplify and improve the user experience. Furthermore, this will make maintenance easier and more effective for us; maintaining two separate front-ends of our ticket system with different deployment pipelines has proven difficult. Often one system or the other received less support than we would have liked (usually the in-game version) resulting in a less than optimal user experience. We are however planning to add in-game notifications for when your tickets are replied to by GMs.

In the works

Please keep in mind that this is all work in progress. Although the basic setup is ready, we will be adding content, localizing it and streamlining the system in the coming months. While we hope that the transition will be smooth, it‘s almost inevitable that we‘ll run into some snags and snafus in the next few days and possibly weeks. We are especially aware of the lack of localized support in the new system, and resolving this is our first priority. If any further issues do pop up, we hope that you‘ll be patient with us while we work to resolve them. On that subject, if you do run into any issues or if you have some great ideas for us, please let us know in the comments thread, or by emailing [email protected].

And as always, thank you for your patience. :)

Lead GM Panzer

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