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How To Respec Attributes in New World

How to get fish oil in New World

It can take a very long time to learn a new game. The more complex the builds and abilities in an MMO, the longer this process can take. Players usually take a few weeks or months to refine the meta-game and develop the best allocation of items and resources in a newly released game. When that happens, most players reallocate from whatever build they were previously using. When you need to tune your build in this MMO, you can respec attributes in New World. Here’s what to do when you need to do that.

The developers have made this pretty easy to do, especially if you’re low-level. Refunding your attributes is quite easy in New World, and in fact, it costs nothing if you’re under Level 20. There is a cost associated if you’re above level 20, though, but it’s not a lot. Players will find that the game charges a fee when you do this. So make sure to have some Gold on hand to respec when you need to.

How To Respec Attributes in New World

  1. Start by pressing K to open the Character menu.
  2. Once the window opens, in the Character Menu, click on the Attributes Tab.
  3. Click the button at the top that says Respec.
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You can also respec Weapon Mastery points that have been spent inside the Character menu. Respeccing for individual weapons are all free until you hit Mastery 10 for that weapon, after that milestone you have to pay a certain amount of Azoth to redo your build.

Since it’s so simple to respec Attributes in New World, you should take advantage of it when you can. The added cost for higher-level accounts is a bit of bummer, but it’s understandable. The developers have to balance things and keep players from abusing the system.

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