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NOHO Confirmed to be leaving Polaris

No Holes Barred (NOHO) have confirmed their plans to evacuate their long-term home of Polaris (J150020), one of only two C6/C6 Magnetar systems found in the entirety of known space. NOHO member corp Aparture Harmonics, Polaris, and the other C6/C6 Magnetar, Nova (J105934), were made popular by the Rooks and King’s hit video Clarion Call 3. Polaris’ Magnetar effect and C6 static are quite valuable and the system is guaranteed to be contested after NOHO’s departure.

Rumours began when a thread a supposed leaked alliance mail appeared on reddit. Darren Fox was contacted for comment on the matter and made a statement on behalf of NOHO leadership:

“No holes barred have called J150020, commonly referred to as Polaris, our home for about three years. Even though wormhole connections change all the time, that is a long period of staging from the same system. With membership changes, leadership changes and significant upcoming changes to the game itself it was time to move out of Polaris. We have had a great time together, and we have seen some of the most epic TIDI & super-free fights in and around Polaris.

Due to the nature of mass-limitations in w-space, deciding to move numerous capital ships isn’t done lightly.

A vast majority of our members will still be playing this game, but likely without the familiar scenery of a magnetar.

There will be no further comments as all focus will be on the moving of ships.”

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