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Sony reveals dates and regions for PlayStation Plus tiers

PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra and Premium

Sony has been trying its hardest to get a deeper market share on the game streaming and premium side of console gaming. Back in March of this year, the company announced its next steps in this realm. Though they’ve tried to compete with the likes of Xbox Live Gold, things have been a lot harder for the Japanese gaming giant when it comes to other rivals. Sony had finally made more inroads to compete with the likes of GamePass Ultimate, breaking PSN and other paid PlayStation services into tiers.

Sony has crucially avoided pricing mistakes, seemingly being very careful not to overcharge users for their services. And the new services also kind of reflect this attitude.  Back in March, the company announced the full pricing for when the service’s next evolution would debut. The three broken out services came in differing levels of access,

PlayStation Plus Essential would be the cheapest, basically just offering PSN features and online multiplayer. Above that would rest Extra and Premium variants, with higher pricetags. players would have to pay a bit more per month, but would get added features like free games and on-demand gaming access.

Now, the company has revealed the targeted launch dates for all the tiers, with each region of the world experiencing a roll-out at different times. This news came from the official PlayStation Twitter and was also posted on the PlayStation blog. Here’s the breakdown of each planned launch date, broken down by region:

  • Asia markets (excluding Japan) – planned launch on May 23, 2022
  • Japan – planned launch on June 1, 2022
  • Americas – planned launch on June 13, 2022
  • Europe – planned launch on June 22, 2022
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