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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Install Size Revealed

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Announced

During Sony’s State of Play livestream this past week, Monster Hunter World fans got some really cool news with a reveal of tons of new details about the upcoming Iceborne expansion for the big new Monster Hunter title. Gamers not only learned the release date for the expansion, with the console versions dropping in on  September 6, 2019, with the PC release following a few months later. And since this is a major expansion to an already incredible game, Capcom isn’t skimping on the fun.

The new icey biome of the aptly named expansion is the largest in the entire lineup for MHW, offering a whole stable of new and returning beasties to hunt. With quarry both large and small, players will have plenty of targets to harvest for some sweet new gear too. There’s the smaller lifeforms like Popo, Stonebill, and Rime Beetles, each serving their own unique roles within this new ecosystem. And of course there’s larger flagship monsters like Nargacuga and even Velkhana, the new Elder Dragon boss for this content. Zinogre has also been confirmed for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

Some fans might be worried about file sizes with this new expansion, but you shouldn’t be too concerned, as it’s been revealed that the expansion will be a comparable size to the base game on launch. At launch, the console versions hovered around 20 GB in size on install, and with patches they rung in closer to 30 GB. And according to various sources, Capcom is aiming for a similar amount of space being taken up by Iceborne. This does make sense the amount of new assets and weather effects included in the expansion.

All in all, it seems like even the most storage-starved gamers should be able to squeeze in this new content on their platforms of choice. And speaking of platforms of choice, you’ll have plenty of choice when the expansion releases for PS4 and Xbox One on on September 9th, and PC owners get it later in Early 2020.

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