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MLB The Show 21 ratings suggest no Xbox version

MLB The Show 20

We all knew that MLB The Show 21 was coming. It turns out that it may be sooner than we thought. On January 15, Sony announced via Twitter that the game would be getting a news update next month. It turns out we didn’t have to wait that long. Although depending on your hopes for the franchise, this could be some bad news.

A new ratings leak in Brazil suggests that the game’s new iteration may be exclusive to the PlayStation family of consoles. Major League Baseball, along with the MLBPA and Sony have been collaborating on the games in this series for some time. And that deal has left fans hopeful of an Xbox or Switch port. It wouldn’t hurt to have the game on more consoles this time around, but what’s the likelihood of that happening? From what we can see, not much.

The leaks cast doubt on the future of the only annual baseball game franchise. There has always been fan hope that the exclusivity Sony has had on the franchise would break. but it seems unlikely. Sony has held onto the license for a while since they managed to secure it in 2019. The Show has been the only triple-A baseball game for years — especially when 2K ended its baseball series after 2013 — and it has been the only way to get that baseball video game fix.

That original agreement between the MLBPA and Sony did include details about bringing the game to non-Sony platforms, although there has been no movement on that front for MLB The Show 21.

Sony’s San Diego Studio will likely be involved in the game again this year, as they have since 2019. Details about gameplay and what modes might be included are unknown at this time. So if there is news about an Xbox Series X/S or Nintendo Switch version this year, we don’t have it yet.

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