How to add friends in Valorant

How to get access to the Valorant closed beta

Friends, like in any multiplayer game, are a major part of the experience in Valorant as well as any other multiplayer shooter. Riot Games’ new 5v5 shooter offers gamers the chance to take on a new twist on the “hero shooter” concept, with all-new heroes and abilities to test out. With the need to build a solid team to compete, comes the need to play with friends too.

If you want to add friends in Valorant, you need to first open up the friends list. This selection is located at the bottom of the in-game menu. Look to the right-hand side next to the search icon, and you’ll see a plus symbol. To add your friend, enter their Riot Games name and identification number in the search box, the game will return a list of possible results, select the one that matches the person you’re looking for.

If you happen to not know your friend’s Riot ID and ID number, you can find them in other titles, and if you submit a friend request in one game, it will link up with all of the other Riot titles in your library. So if you’re having problems getting people on your friends list in Valorant, that could be a solution to any issues.

Keep in mind that we’re still in the middle of the Valorant closed beta. So some bugs are bound to happen. And it looks like some players in Valorant have noticed that they cannot add their friends via the normal system in this game. Using the workaround of going into another Riot title like League of Legends, you can get around this problem fairly quickly. According to some posts on Reddit, this seems to be the best solution.

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