How to complete the Snake in the Grass Challenge in BitLife

Snake in the Grass Challenge in BitLife Guide

BitLife loves its challenges and other tasks in-game.  Challenges have come roaring back into popularity with the addition of the Challenge Vault, but that hasn’t stopped Candywriter from adding new ones each week to give players new things to do. Each week, a new series of tasks gets attached to a limited-time challenge, and you get a special cosmetic reward for finishing them all.

This week you’re getting sinister with the Snake in the Grass Challenge in BitLife.

How to complete the Snake in the Grass Challenge in BitLife

This week’s new challenge will be live for the next 4-5 days, so you have some time to get it done.

  • Be born a male
  • Become a marriage counselor
  • Make an ex divorce their spouse
  • Seduce a married coworker

You need to focus on getting a Psychology degree first, that’s the hardest part in the beginning. Getting a good degree in BitLife is all about having high Smarts. You can make a character with high Smarts, or make tons of trips to the Library to help raise the stat when you’re young. You will want to get through High School with good grades, then move on to University. Once you get there, get through a few years until you get the option to head to Graduate school. That will then allow you to pick a focus for your degree, pick Psychology to get started. Keep working hard and studying to get your degree.

Getting a specific job in this game is mostly a matter of luck. You just have to keep refreshing the job list once you have the necessary degree, waiting for it to show up. Keep restarting the app or aging up until the Marriage Counselor shows up, then apply for it. Once you have it, time to move on.

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Getting an ex is next, try dating a coworker and you might get lucky and be able to wrap up the final two steps in one go.

The best way to do this is use the Relationships tab, then hit the Find Love option. You will also be able to date using apps and other options in this menu. Date someone then get them to ask to be your girlfriend or boyfriend. Once that happens, break up with them. Do this a few times to increase your chances that one gets married. When you break up with them, be sure to keep tabs no them in the Relationships menu. You will sometimes be able to hook up with them. If you get good RNG, you will be able to make them get a divorce after they cheat. You could also force this process using God Mode as you can edit characters to make them married as well, but that costs money.

You then need to be able to seduce a coworker. The process is similar to the one above, as you need to hit on coworkers until one of them becomes a good friend. Once that happens, there will be a hookup option in their relationship menu options. If you get lucky, they will cheat with you.

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