How to Assault Your Best Friend in BitLife

How to complete the Euphoria Challenge in BitLife

Another week, another challenge in BitLife. The digital sim from CandyWriter has lot of new tasks to complete each week, giving out rewards for players that manage to get things done. This week, we’re getting kind of raunchy. The challenge this week taps into an exceedingly popular TV property, Euphoria. Euphoria is a very popular HBO series about life and growing up in the modern world. It’s filled with all kinds of intrigue and drama, and it’s a wild ride from start to finish.

One of the many tasks you need to complete involves making, and losing, friends. Your life as a drug-addled lunatic is going to be filled with drama. The tasks to get addicted and then relapsing are a big enough problem, but you really need to turn up the heat in the later stages. The Euphoria Challenge also asks players to get into a brawl with their best friend. This is a bit complicated, so keep reading to figure this all out.

How to Assault Your Best Friend in BitLife

When you’re done with the other steps, I hope you’re ready to sew chaos. The goal is to make a friend and then lose them in a fight. You’ll only be able to do this if your character has a best friend, which means they need to have a maxed-out relationship with a person. Click their name in the Relationships tab, then you will have a few options. You can choose to Insult them, and do other bad things. The first thing you need to do is to actually lower your relationship with them.

The faster way to do this is to just repeatedly have Conversations with them using the relevant option. Randomly, you will get a negative outcome, and that will lower the relationship rating with your friend. When a conversation goes bad enough, you will have a few options to pick from. You will see things like Insult Them, Attack Them and more. Choose Attack Them to wrap up the challenge.

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That’s how you assault Your Best Friend in BitLife.

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