How to Complete the Father’s Day Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the Father’s Day Challenge in BitLife

Father’s Day is June 20 in the US. That means dads all over the country are celebrating the ever-changing chaos of fatherhood. BitLife is getting in on the fun as well. The app has triggered a new challenge this weekend that offers a new experience to honor the dads out there. The challenge is pretty simple, but it takes some work. Here’s our guide on how to complete the Father’s Day Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Father’s Day Challenge in BitLife

  1. Go fishing with your father
  2. Buy your own dad a truck
  3. Father three or more children
  4. Buy all of your kids cars
  5. Maintain perfect relationships with your kids

The challenge is all about living out the ideal fantasy of being a dad. You need to spend some time with your own dad for a start, and that’s pretty simple. You need to start by going into the Activities menus and Relationships and keeping tabs on your own dad. You will need to be born male as well, so be sure to select male when making your new character.

Now that you’re up and running, here are the steps for the Father’s Day Challenge in BitLife.

Go fishing with your father

Start out by going fishing with your dad. You can find them listed in the Relationships menu at the top. Tap on his name and choose the option to spend time with him The trouble is that the trigger to go fishing is random, so you will likely have to do this more than once. Once that’s done, it’s time to move on.

Buy your father a truck

You will want to wait until you have about $20,000 saved up for this step. So get that money, and then go shopping via the Assets tab. Click the option for the car dealership and find a truck to buy. Buy it then select it via the Assets tab. You will see a Gift option, just choose your dad as the recipient for the new truck.

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Father three or more children

You will need to have a relationship with someone, and then have kids with them. You can use IVF or other options if you’re having trouble. Just get a relationship and have kids with them until you have three. If you can’t get enough, try some one-night stands to finish this step off. Make sure you choose the option to keep the baby each time it comes up.

While you’re raising these kids, be sure to save some money. When they turn 16, go out and buy them cars and gift them to them. That will complete this phase of the Father’s Day Challenge in BitLife.

Maintain a perfect relationship with your children

Go into the Relationships tab as your children are growing up to manage the relationships with all of your kids. There’s an option at the bottom to maintain all your relationships at once. You can also spend time specifically with your kids if you want. Whatever you do, keep that meter filled up green to finish off the challenge.

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