How to Battle in Pokémon Go’s Great League

Pokemon Go Season 4 Battle League Changes Guide

The introduction of the PvP Battle Leagues into Pokémon Go was a very welcome change. The PvP leagues in this game are broken down into various tiers. Players can take part in the various tiers of combat to make their teams stronger and earn some nice rewards. And during this season, you can earn a Charge TM by battling another Trainer in the Great League.

The thing to remember is that this is not like the other higher-end leagues. Great League has a hard cap of 1,500 CP. So you need to work within that constraint for all of your Pokémon. But if you’re not interested in being competitive, there’s no big deal. You can still earn the Charge TM even if you lose. When you go into battle, make sure to bring a balanced team if you want to compete though. Being able to look at the teams you encounter and adjust your makeup is a good idea as well.

How to Battle in Pokémon Go’s Great League

To enter a PvP league, press the menu option that looks like a Pokéball on the main screen. Then you want to click the PVP option on that menu to begin.

The challenge is a problem this season, as the PvP leagues will rotate out every so often. That means sometimes you won’t have the right league running to complete the challenge. And right now, it’s the Great League’s off season, which means that’s a problem. Players won’t be able to battle in the Ultra or Master Leagues for this challenge. Not to mention, you have to deal with much tougher competition in those upper leagues.

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For now, the PvP menu is still up, and it’s on once of those higher leagues. The Great League won’t come back until July 12th. If you don’t want to wait, some are reporting that you can get the Charge TM in other leagues, this is unconfirmed. A bunch of Trainers are ready to hop in when that happens, as the lower-level competition is more popular among new players. So despite the wait, you’re going to have plenty of opposition.

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