How to get a viral video on YouTube in BitLife

Complete the Bijuu Mike Challenge in BitLife

BitLife loves its self-referential humor, as well as social media tie-ins. Developer CandyWriter has another task for players to finish to earn a new account-wide cosmetic. We’ve got another BitLife challenge this week. Players take on the Bijuu Mike Challenge in BitLife and try to go viral. This idea has been pretty common for CandyWriter, with social media being a big focus. The social media aspect of BitLife is one of the most profitable and easy to maintain in the game.

Going viral with videos and other content is a great way to grow your following. There’s a big issue though, it’s hard. Getting a viral video on YouTube in BitLife, or on any other social media, is very random. Since it’s a randomized event, you can’t guarantee when or if it’s going to happen.

The first thing you should do is try to boost your Health and Looks stats. Having these at 100% will boost the engagement on your content. The higher these stats are, the more likely you are to go viral.

There are a few other ways to increase your chances. One major factor is consistency. You need to keep putting out content each year to have it go viral. Each time you post a piece of content, it has a chance to go viral. It’s also important to make things about the same content each time. If you’re making gaming videos, suddenly switching to Hauls will push down your views and you will lose subs. You don’t want that to happen if you’re trying to get a viral video on YouTube in BitLife.

You’ll receive a notification after you’ve posted your video about how many views it got. If you notice the view counts are starting to stagnate or drop, stop posting. You can normally get around 5-10 pieces of content on each social media platform each year. When you get to that level, age up and do the process all over again.

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Much like viral videos in real life, the viral videos in BitLife are entirely random. So just keep posting and try to get lucky, using our tips above to help you out.

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