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Halo: MCC community video shows off VR gameplay

Halo 3 VR - The Warthog Run

As part of the ongoing support for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the developer keeps adding new features and content. The classic collection of some of the best shooters ever just keeps getting better. Fans are excited to see what else gets added in. And this week, those flames of hype got fanned.

Developer 343 added mod support for Halo 2 and Halo 3 in Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Steam, hoping to entice more players back into the fight. And with that, comes player creativity. Along with the mods on the PC version, another way to play the game has been thrown into the fray.

And one mod gaining traction online comes from Reddit user Dyortos, who posted a VR version of the final Warthog run in Halo 3. The iconic Warthog run from the finale of Halo 3 is an incredible crescendo among an excellent game. Seeing it in VR adds a new level of hype. Chief blasting his way past the Covenant forces in a desperate bid to escape is quite an exciting moment. And even though it won’t signal the full release of VR support, it’s still amazing to see.

The modification uses VorpX—a 3D driver software that allows some regular PC games to work in VR with head tracking. “Everything you saw in the video was in full geometry 3D…All I did here was use the blind skull, enabled head tracking, turned the FOV all the way up, and modded the campaign file so that the warthog would drive in first person instead of 3rd,” explained the modder.

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Check out the video down below.

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