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Strange Brigade gets six minute gameplay preview

Strange Brigade

Strange Brigade is indeed, as the name implies, a pretty strange game. You see, it’s a game about a team of adventurers fighting to put down an undead army raised by an witch deep in the sandy ruins of Egypt. The adventurers themselves are four members of a secret organization, which bears the same title as the game, which is tasked with saving the world from evil of all kinds.

Developer Rebellion uses the trailer to showcase the new heroes, weapons and game modes in Strange Brigade. The big focus though is on the campaign mode that brings one to four players into direct conflict with the main villain and their army of zombies bent on taking over the planet.

There’s also a lot of potential in each match for environmental chaos. Players can use traps and other level hazards to funnel or slow down encroaching hordes of enemies. Strange Brigade is putting a huge spotlight on strategy and shooting tactics as a balance being the key to success.

The game will feature new team members as DLC, released as part of a season pass for the game. The current main cast is as follows:

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Gracie Braithwaite – An explosives expert with a ton of offensive potential. Her ability to blast through waves of undead is unrivaled.

Nalangu Rushida – A fast warrior who acts as a great support fighter. Her ability to freeze and stun enemies will be very useful.

Professor Archimedes De Quincey – Brainy guy with an innate ability for exploration. Use him to uncover hidden rooms and paths.

Frank Fairburne – The brusier and gun-loving tough guy of the group. His speed and precision make him a great burst damage-dealer.

Check out the gameplay trailer for Strange Brigade down below. Strange Brigade is coming out on August 28, 2018.

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