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NVIDIA GeForce 461.72 WHQL driver adds support for RTX3060 and more

NVIDIA CMP will likely head to more GPUs

The new NVIDIA GeForce 461.72 WHQL drivers have landed. Expect a new batch of Game Ready drivers for the 30-series GPU launches, as well as some bug fixes. Here are the patch notes to let you know what’s included in the update.

The biggest new feature for the drivers this time around is, of course, Game Ready support for the RTX 3060, Anyone who manages to actually get one of the new GPUs should be prepared to install the new drivers. Although you should expect some weirdness to popup. New GPUs and other hardware can have issues with older games especially.

Nvidia is hoping that the 3060 has a better launch than some of the other GPUs did in the last few months. The push to add CMPs to the supply chain—a focused version of GPU hardware that’s meant for GPU cryptocurrency mining—alongside the new mining-nerfing drivers should help with that. As for the patch and drivers, there’s not much else to talk about.

Some rendering issues on some monitors, like the LG CX OLED TVs, have been fixed. Anyone who encounters issues with flickering while gaming or watching Blu-ray over HDMI may want to grab the drivers to see if they fix your problem.

Check out the patch notes down below. You can download the NVIDIA GeForce 461.72 WHQL driver from here.

NVIDIA GeForce 461.72 WHQL Patch Notes

GeForce Game Ready Driver

This new Game Ready Driver provides support for the Outriders demo, NVIDIA DLSS in Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition and Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, and NVIDIA Reflex in Rainbow Six Siege.

Gaming Technology
  • Includes support for GeForce RTX 3060 GPU.
New Features and Other Changes

Added support for the following GPUs.

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060
Fixed Issues
  • [G-SYNC][Edge of Eternity/Hitman 2]: The games experience stutter and low FPS when using hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling in windowed mode.
  • [G-Sync][Vulkan Apps]: Performance drop occurs when using G-SYNC and switching from full-screen mode to windowed mode using the in-game settings.
  • [The Isle]: Freestyle is not supported for the game.
  • [VIndictus][GeForce Experience]: The game cannot be recorded. 
  • [X4: Foundations][Vulkan]: The application crashes when launched on Windows 10 (Version 1803).
  • Wallpaper Engine app may crash on startup or upon resume from sleep.
  • [Blu-ray][HDMI]: Flickering occurs in Blu-ray playback when played over HDMI.
  • Several desktop applications flicker when Vertical Sync is set to the default “Use the 3D application setting”.
  • [Ampere]: Chrome/Edge may experience random TDR while browsing.
  • LG CX OLED TVs (2020) are not recognized as G-SYNC Compatible displays.
  • [Surround][RTX 30 series] PC may display “no signal” message when enabling NVIDIA Surround.
  • [Notebook]: On some Notebooks, the ‘Maximum Graphics Power’ information missing in the NVIDIA Control Panel > System Information page.
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